admin-on-rest: Meet the demo

François Zaninotto
François ZaninottoFebruary 22, 2017

We've already mentioned admin-on-rest in this blog. It's a frontend framework for building admin GUIs running in the browser, using REST services as backend, and powered by React.js and Material Design.

This open-source project was started about eight months ago, and it's approaching the first stable release. To showcase its features, we've built a live demo called "Posters Galore". It's the admin of a fictional Poster shop located somewhere in Neverland.

Here is a 2 minutes video exploring this demo:

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If this makes you want to try the live demo, here is the link:

In addition to being gorgeous and fast, admin-on-rest is also very easy to learn and use. Check out the online documentation for details.

Note: The video may disappear one day because we didn't manage to buy the rights for the fabulous score by Wando. If you're the publisher, please contact us!

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