Become a {javascript} ninja with Ninja Coder

Guillaume BilleyAdrien Amoros

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a {javascript} ninja? A lot of companies are currently looking for these rare developer profiles. To get a chance to get hired by them, you will have to learn the proper coding moves. What if we told you that we have developped a solution to teach you the ninja coding katas?

Introducing Ninja Coder

A Bit Of Context

At Marmelab, everyday at 9am we have an informal meetup called "coffee". During this ceremony, we chat about the last film we saw, the things we did during the weekend, an interesting news we've heard about... And during one of those meetups, a strange idea came to our mind : "What if we could code like a ninja - literally?"

Fortunately, we also have hack days twice a month, so we have time to dig down and experiment to solve such crucial questions.

In order to code with our body, we had to use machine learning, pose recognition via webcam, and we also had to understand how the whole thing works...

Show Me The Code

You can find details on how it is done and how it works in the Ninja coder repository. It's open-source, meaning you can't sue us if you got hurt while testing it.

Also, Ninjas don't speak a lot. The best way to let you understand the Ninja Coder logic is through images.


Teachable Machine Models

You Can Become A Ninja Coder, Too

With this application you can train your ninja coding skills. Try to write a simple 'Hello world' at start, and then, feel free to improve, complete, or fix this project. It was a fun experiment and we hope it will be fun for you to use.

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