Marmelab Welcomes Aníbal To The React-Admin Core Team

François Zaninotto
François ZaninottoJanuary 05, 2022

The react-admin core team expands, with a new member joining us from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Aníbal has been successfully working as a web developer for the last fifteen years. His latest experiences lead him to build HR management web apps for various companies. Although mostly a backend developer (using PHP), Aníbal has been working as a frontend developer for the past 2 years, exploring the React ecosystem.


In fact, if you track the marmelab/react-admin GitHub repository, you probably know him already: he's been a prolific contributor since 2019, under the name WiXSL:

GitHub contributions

Yep, he knows his way in the react-admin codebase and documentation!

Aníbal defines himself as a maniac of corrections, especially for documentation. In the react-admin core team, we like to call him "El Corrector". It's been a pleasure to have him in the project as an open-source contributor, so we thought we'd pay him for his work, and we're super glad he accepted.

In his free time, Aníbal is a club chess player. He takes time to play blitz chess online every day of the year. Will you dare to fight him?

The entire Marmelab team is happy to welcome him on board. His joining is also a sign that react-admin is a profitable business line. You can count on the stability of react-admin, and the support from the react-admin core team, in the long term.

And by the way, if, like Aníbal, you would like to be paid to work on react-admin, we're hiring!

You can follow Aníbal on GitHub: WiXSL and on Twitter: @asvarcas.

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