How Marmelab Helped iad Boost Transparency and Recruitment with Customizable Income Prediction Tool

Caroline Schneider
Caroline SchneiderMarch 14, 2023

French Real Estate company iad is disrupting a century-old market with an innovative business model based on the possibility for anyone to become an independent real estate consultant. Within the company, the iad Studio develops and tests new ideas to stay on the cutting edge of technology and improve the daily experience of the consultants.

To help the network recruit new consultants, iad needed a tool that makes it possible to visualize their potential income - a revenue simulator. Iad Studio partnered with Marmelab to develop a fitting solution.

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We applied the Lean Startup methodology to iteratively develop the best simulator for iad consultants. To design a practical tool, it was necessary to first explore iad’s complex remuneration system, the consultants' expectations, and the company's constraints. During this two-week-long "design sprint" and thanks to the preparatory work done by the iad Studio teams, we were able to move from a half-page brief to a sprint backlog ready to be implemented.

We proceeded to develop the simulator using Remix and React.js, two technologies that our developers are proficient in. The tool required a server-side component to calculate the revenue based on iad data. It took two two-week iterations and the iad Studio team provided us with constructive feedback from consultants after each iteration. The main target was reached within 2 weeks, and in the following weeks, we were able to refine the user experience and add advanced features.


We built the simulator around a revenue target defined by the consultants. The calculated predictions are based on all the previous transaction data in the region, in order for the tool to be as accurate and insightful as possible. Beyond these first parameters, consultants can further personalize the tool, e.g. changing the tax rate percentage.

The results are depicted in the following image.

iad simulator UI

As soon as we delivered the application, the iad Studio team integrated it on their platform and gave access to all the consultants of the network. And since then, they have been using it every day.

Iad benefits from the application in a variety of ways:

  • Enhancing transparency: The revenue simulator gives a precise and realistic outlook on potential income.
  • Motivating consultants: Thanks to the improved transparency, the whole network can be further incentivized.
  • Boosting network development: Interested candidates can test the revenue simulator which aims at motivating them to start working for iad.

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The use case of iad illustrates our lean, user-centric methodology and proves its greatest advantages: to efficiently and quickly arrive at a feasible product in production, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

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