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Web & Mobile Development

We take care of the complete development cycle, including design, planning, testing, and deployment. We emphasize on quality, to match the requirements of our very demanding customers (security, performance, robustness, maintainability).

Our development stack (React.js, Node.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL) supports incremental development, from prototyping to large software architectures, seamlessly.

We put value creation at the heart of the development process. We build products, not programs.

About Us
B2B Framework

Since 2016, we edit and support React-admin, an open-source, low-code solution that reduces development costs for thousands of companies around the world.

Since 2020, React-admin also offers an Enterprise Edition. This solution has already convinced more than 200 companies who benefit from professional support and private modules developed by the Marmelab team.

About Us
Carbon Footprint Calculator

We built GreenFrame, a SaaS solution that measures the CO2 emissions of any web application, regardless of its client and server technology. By allowing to detect and fix "Carbon Leaks", GreenFrame helps developers improve their practices to make them more sustainable.

GreenFrame is also an essential tool for companies with a CSR ambition, as it is the only service that measures "scope 3" emissions of software - the emissions coming from the usage of the service.

GreenFrame is the proof of our commitment to fight climate change through digital innovation.

Make the world a better place using digital innovation

No air conditioning

We don't use air conditioning. We chose an office with natural air cooling instead.

We are makers

We build innovative digital products for corporate companies & startups

We love to share our knowledge, to find the best tool for the job in a pragmatic way, and to work together as a team. We’re small, so everyone is important.

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1859 Cloud: Responsive App, API & Admin

A FinTech like no others, 1859 Cloud wanted to build a private club of investors sharing investment ideas for the greater good. We've used Lean Startup and JavaScript to make that possible.

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