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PHPUnit report

This visualization tool provides a quick way to monitor your PHPUnit test suites. With a single glance, you will be able to identify the slowest tests, helping you to improve the overall execution time of your tests.

Here is a sample of report this utility can generate. It is based on Symfony 2.3 test suite:

Download JSON report

How to generate your own report?

To generate a report, simply execute your PHPUnit test suite including the --log-junit argument, such as:

phpunit --log-junit report.xml

Then, open the file and copy/paste its content to the following form:

If you want to re-use this chart in your own application or parametrize it, you can find all technical details on the README file.


This project is released under the MIT licence (thanks to Marmelab. It means you can blow unlimited bubbles in all your projects, with the only obligation to embed the original licence file into your fork.