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React-admin demo for Enterprise Edition

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What's In The Package?

Save weeks of development thanks to the Private Modules, valid on an unlimited number of domains and projects.
Get Support from experienced react and react-admin developers, who will help you to find the right information and troubleshoot your bugs.
Get a 50% Discount on Professional Services in case you need coaching, audit, or custom development by our experts.
Get access to exclusive Learning Material, including a Storybook full of examples, and a dedicated demo app.
Prioritize your needs in the react-admin Development Roadmap thanks to a priority vote.

Private modules

Designed for professional use cases, developed by Marmelab
Check the Storybook and the Enterprise Edition Demo for a preview of these modules.



Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) primitives for fine-grained permissions


Edit data directly in the list view, for better productivity. Excel-like editing experience.


New form layouts for complex data entry tasks (accordion, wizard, edit in dialog, etc.)


Multi-level menu and breadcrumb, with the ability to define a custom path for your resources


Visualize and edit complex relationships, including many-to-many relationships


Persist user preferences (language, theme, filters, datagrid columns, sidebar position, etc) in local storage


Display live notifications, auto-update content on the screen, lock content when editing, with adapters for real-time backends


Display and manipulate events, drag and resize appointments, and browse a calendar directly in react-admin apps



Record and visualize admin actions for better traceability



Plug your search engine and let users search across all resources via a smart Omnisearch box


Edit and visualize tree structures. Reorganize by drag and drop. Adapts to any data structure on the backend (parent_id, children, nested sets, etc).


Alternative ready-to-use components for the react-admin enterprise edition. Use them to replace the open-source components you are familiar with such as the <Admin> or the <Layout>.


Guided tours for react-admin applications, step-by-step instructions, material-ui skin



Read Markdown data, and edit it using a WYSIWYG editor in your admin



Building forms out of a JSON schema



Keep a history of versions for any resource, see changes in a timeline, and revert to a previous version



Use your Active Directory (AD) server for authentication

Each of these modules offer React hooks and components, to ease the integration with your UI. You get full access to the source, source maps, and documentation via a private npm registry. Private modules follow the same quality standards for code and documentation as the open-source packages.


React-admin experts, ready to answer your questions

Covers both the Open-Source Edition modules and the Enterprise Edition modules.
Get help troubleshooting your installation and react-admin usage problems.
Get guidance to the right documentation for your use case among a large corpus of tutorials, handbooks, and type declarations.
Get code samples matching your need in existing examples and StackOverflow answers
Determine if a bug in your admin comes from react-admin or your code
Be notified when a react-admin bug that affects you gets fixed

Support is done by email at Phone support is proposed as an option to Corporate Plan subscribers.

Depending on the criticality of your problem (minor, major, critical) and the Plan you choose, the response time of the Enterprise Edition Support team varies from 2 business days to 2 working hours.

If your request requires specific development, the Support team will redirect you to the Professional Services team (additional charges apply, see below).

Professional Services

Custom react-admin services, paid by the day

Whether you need help to develop a component for your admin, an audit of your code, personal training about react-admin, our senior expert developers are available at 1,500€ per day.
Subscribing to the Enterprise Edition gives a 50% discount on that price, so Professional Services only cost 750€ per day.
Professional Services experts are all part of the react-admin core team and take part in the development of the Open-source and Enterprise editions. Their speed and experience will save you days of development, if not weeks.

Plans & Pricing


Great for one or two devs

135€ / month

billed annually

  • Up to 2 devs
  • Private modules on unlimited projects
  • Access to code and documentation
  • Unlimited support requests
  • 50% discount on professional services


For medium businesses

270€ / month

billed annually

  • Up to 10 devs
  • Private modules on unlimited projects
  • Access to code and documentation
  • Unlimited support requests
  • 50% discount on professional services


Adapted to large companies

From 540€ / month


  • Unlimited devs
  • Private modules on unlimited projects
  • Access to code and documentation
  • Unlimited support requests
  • 50% discount on professional services
  • Support by phone (optional)

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum commitment period?
One month. You can cancel at any time.
Can I pay by bank transfer instead of a credit card?
Sure! Contact us so we can arrange the payment.
Do you offer a free trial version?
No, we don't. We consider the open-source edition of react-admin as way to showcase the general quality of the code and documentation that we provide. If you enjoy react-admin, you will love React-Admin Enterprise Edition! You can test some of the Enterprise Edition modules in the Enterprise Demo. And if you just want to test one module, simply subscribe and cancel your subscription immediately. You will only be billed for a month.
What does the number of developers mean?
That's the total number of developers using react-admin Enterprise Edition in your team.
How do I access the private modules?
Once subscribed, you will receive credentials to download the Enterprise Edition modules from a private npm registry. You can also use these credentials in a CI server.
How often do you release new features?
Almost every week! Each module documentation has a changelog that you can check for details (see e.g. the ra-preferences changelog). Also, we plan to release several new modules per year.
What happens if I cancel my subscription?
For your apps already in production: Nothing! You will be able to continue using the code you already developed with the private modules for as long as you like.
However, you won't receive any updates, you will lose access to the private npm registry where the modules are published, you will lose access to support, and to the 50% discount on coaching.
Can I use React-admin for client projects?
Yes, you can! And if you cancel your subscription, your client can still use the latest version of the private modules at the time your subscription expires. The module license only prevents you from creating competing derivative products.
Do you sell modules individually?
No, we don't. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you get access to all our actuals and future private modules. If you only need one module, consider how much it would cost you to redevelop it, and you'll find that it's always cheaper to subscribe!
Do you sell only support?
No, we only sell a package including both the private modules and the support. However, if you need ad hoc development, check out the Professional Services that we offer.
How can I setup a CI or deploy on Heroku/Vercel/etc?
You'll have to include an .npmrc file in your repository with the following content:
Then use your service mechanisms to provide the NPM_TOKEN environment variable. You can use your own token as its value, which can be found in your root .npmrc file once you sign in. This file is located at $HOME/.npmrc
I have another question
Feel free to contact us!
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