The React Framework
for B2B Apps

React-admin offers the best developer experience, lets you focus on business needs, and build delightful user interfaces.

const App = () => (
		<Resource name="deals" {} />
		<Resource name="contacts" {...contacts} />
		<Resource name="companies" {...companies} />

Build internal tools / ERPs / B2B apps, fast

Developer time is expensive, so react-admin focuses on productivity and maintainability.
See what you can build in a week.

Used by more than 10,000 companies worldwide

That's because react-admin is easy to learn, robust, stable, and a joy to code with.

Get started in minutes

Build API-based applications using modern React and Material Design. Your first admin only needs 13 lines of code.

import React from 'react';
import { Admin, Resource, ListGuesser } from 'react-admin';
import simpleRestProvider from 'ra-data-simple-rest';

const dataProvider = simpleRestProvider('https://domain.tld/api');

const App = () => (
  <Admin dataProvider={dataProvider}>
	<Resource name="users" list={ListGuesser} />

export default App;

All the building blocks you need

Focus on business logic and let react-admin handle common features. The vast library of hooks and components covers most use cases.

  • Roles & Permissions
  • Forms & validation
  • Full-featured datagrid
  • Relationships
  • i18n
  • Responsive
  • Preferences
  • Theming
  • Undo
  • Caching
  • Routing
  • Rich text editor
  • Notifications
  • Realtime
  • Search & Filter
  • Accessibility

Already works with your API

Find adapters for most REST and GraphQL dialects, or write your own in minutes. React-admin is backend agnostic.

For example : Open API, json:api, GraphQL, API Platform, Django, Firebase, Prisma....

Read what people say about it...

“We have recommended react-admin to several organizations. We are more than satisfied with react-admin and we are excited to continue using react-admin in the future!”

Alexander Rees, Head of Web Development


“I am definitely enjoying using react-admin. I was exposed to it a few years ago on a product/project I inherited and maintain, and now am using it for two other projects.”

Jeff Israel, Head of Engineering

Code Finds a Way

“React-admin is simpler to setup and more customizable than forest admin. Support is great, documentation is rich of examples and explain well the philosophy of the library.”

Nicolas Girault, Software Engineer


“React-admin has allowed us to quickly create and evolve a powerful tool that otherwise would have taken months of time and effort to develop.”

Guillermo Noain, Tech Lead

Iron Hack

“We've been using react admin in our company project for quite some time now and we loved it. We really appreciate your hard work and we wish all the best for the react-admin project.”

Patrick André TOLOJANAHARY, FullStack Software Developer


“We where looking to improve the graphic interface of our custom made web admins. We ended up changing our entire client-side infrastructure to one based on React-admin in record time!”

Aníbal Svarcas, Senior Developer


“Having built React Admin into our products, it's allowed us to develop simplistic CMS's right through to complex, highly integrated web apps, with confidence and repeated success, it's an incredible framework.”

Anthony Main, Founder

The Distance

Built with state-of-the-art libraries

  • React React
  • React Router React Router
  • React-query React-query
  • React-hook-form React-hook-form
  • Typescript Typescript

React Admin is Open-Source (MIT License)

Sponsored and supported by Marmelab since 2016

Open-source Edition


Forever. This is open-source

Enterprise Edition

  • Code and Documentation
  • Professional support from Marmelab
  • Access to private modules (rbac, editable datagrid, realtime, calendar, many-to-many, audit log, etc.)
  • 50% discount on Professional Services

Starts from 135€/month