Displays a value inside a “Chip”, which is Material UI’s term for a label.


import { ChipField } from 'react-admin';

<ChipField source="category" />


This field type is especially useful for one to many relationships, e.g. to display a list of books for a given author:

import { ChipField, SingleFieldList, ReferenceManyField } from 'react-admin';

<ReferenceManyField reference="books" target="author_id">
        <ChipField source="title" />

Additional props are passed down to Material UI’s <Chip> element. Check The Material UI <Chip> documentation for details.


The <ChipField> component accepts the usual className prop. You can also override many styles of the inner components thanks to the sx property (as most Material UI components, see their documentation about it). This property accepts the following subclasses:

Rule name Description
&.RaChipField-chip Applied to the underlying Material UI’s Chip component

To override the style of all instances of <ChipField> using the Material UI style overrides, use the RaChipField key.