Thousands of new react-admin applications are created every month. Many, many developers use react-admin on a day-to-day bais. We’re excited that you’re a part of this large and friendly community.

We’re doing our best to keep it a convivial place where people want to hang out and help/be helped.


You can get help from various channels:

React-Admin Enterprise Edition includes email support by the core team. Response time is less than 24 hours on work days.


The #react-admin tag counts a large number of questions and answers by the community, so it’s a good place to search for answers.


The React-admin Discord Server is a great place to have conversations, answer and ask questions, all about react-admin.


There are several examples inside the examples/ folder:

  • Blog Engine (CodeSandbox, StackBlitz, source): Admin for a simple blog with posts, comments and users.
  • Ecommerce Admin (demo, source): A fictional poster shop admin with products, invoices, customers, reviews, etc.
  • CRM (demo, source): A customer relationship management application, complete with contacts, companies and deals. Designed as a customer-facing B2B app.
  • Tutorial (CodeSandbox, source): The application built while following the tutorial.

Check out the Demos page for more details.

Articles & Tutorials

Marmelab is the company that created and sponsors react-admin. The Marmelab blog regularly publishes articles about react-admin.

Here are some of the tutorials you can find there:

This tutorial explains how to add a button on a show or edit page to create a new resource related to the one displayed.


This tutorial explains how to have a create, show or edit view of a referenced resource inside a modal or a sliding side panel.


Build a Timeline as a replacement for a List component

This tutorial shows how to use pure react to implement a custom component replacing react-admin default List.


Creating and Editing a Record From the List Page

This tutorial shows how to display Creation and Edition forms in a drawer or a dialog from the List page.


Add a User Profile Page

This tutorial explains how to create a profile page based on an <Edit> component, and accessible as a standalone page.


Supplying your own Defaults to React Admin

This article shows how you can customize many parts of the framework without repeating yourself.


OpenID Connect Authentication with React Admin

OpenID Connect on React Admin with a button "Login With Google"

Changing The Look And Feel Of React-Admin Without JSX

This article shows how to customize react-admin look and feel using only the MUI theme.



If you want to give a hand: Thank you! There are many things you can do to help making react-admin better.

The easiest task is bug triaging. Check that new issues on GitHub follow the issue template and give a way to reproduce the issue. If not, comment on the issue to ask precisions. Then, try and reproduce the issue following the description. If you managed to reproduce the issue, add a comment to say it. Otherwise, add a comment to say that something is missing.

The second way to contribute is to answer support questions on StackOverflow and Discord. There are many beginner questions there, so even if you’re not super experienced with react-admin, there is someone you can help there.

Pull requests for bug fixes are welcome on the GitHub repository. There is always a bunch of issues labeled “Good First Issue” in the bug tracker - start with these.

If you want to add a feature, you can open a Pull request on the next branch. We don’t accept all features - we try to keep the react-admin code small and manageable. Try and see if your feature can’t be built as an additional npm package. If you’re in doubt, open a “Feature Request” issue to see if the core team would accept your feature before developing it.

For all Pull requests, you must follow the coding style of the existing files (based on prettier), and include unit tests and documentation. Be prepared for a thorough code review, and be patient for the merge - this is an open-source initiative.

Tip: Most of the commands used by the react-admin developers are automated in the makefile. Feel free to type make without argument to see a list of the available commands.