Awesome REST: a List of Developer Resources for Building REST API

Jonathan Petitcolas

REST APIs have widely spread over the Internet. Unlike SOAP, they allow to communicate easily between several data sources and client applications, abstracting all the business complexity. That is, if they are correctly designed.

Finding good resources on how to create a state-of-the-art REST API is quite difficult, as there are many ways to reach this goal. That's why we followed the awesome-* trends on GitHub and added an awesome-rest repository. It centralizes all useful resources to develop your own API, focusing on several aspects:

  • Some advices and feedbacks on how to design efficiently a REST API,
  • A list of frameworks and libraries for building or consuming REST APIs,
  • Tools to test (manually or automatically) APIs,
  • Some other REST-based softwares such as admin panel or data layers.

Making an exhaustive list is quite impossible. Feel free to bring your feedback on this list, or to suggest some libs we didn't mention.

GitHub repository:

Service Calling Made Easy
Service Calling Made Easy - Source: Geek & Poke
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