Marmelab joins the Hacktober Fest 2016!

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasOctober 10, 2016

For the second time, Digital Ocean organizes the Hacktober Fest. During the whole month of October, we are all invited to contribute to our favorite open-source projects. Thanks to their partnership with GitHub, a free tee-shirt will be sent to all users having make at least 4 pull requests during the month. A great occasion to spread our love of open-source, isn't it?

At Marmelab, we are maintaining a lot of open-source projects. As soon as we detect a common pattern across all our projects (for instance for building our Node.js API with CoPostgresQuery), or if we miss a tool to get our job done, we share our work with the community. It allows us to get valuable feedbacks, improve our own products, and increase our global knowledge.

Yet, having so many open-source projects implies spending a lot of time fixing issues, reviewing pull requests, supporting our users, etc. That's why we take advantage of this Hacktober Fest to share with you some of our hottest issues. We filtered them to be both accessible and with a given perimeter. They should be doable without having to dive too deeply under the hood, which is important for project newcomers.

Here is a list of our Hacktober Fest issues. Do not hesitate to ask some help. To share your questions with everyone, just ask on the related issue. All the Marmelab team (and other watching contributors) will give you a hand.

Happy Hacktober Fest!


EventDrops is a time based / event series interactive visualization using d3.js. Use drag and zoom to navigate in time.



coPostgresQueries is a utility to generate and execute postgresql queries with ease.

PHP Unit D3 Report

PHPUnit D3 Report is a visualization tool providing a quick way to monitor your PHPUnit test suites. With a single glance, you will be able to identify the slowest tests, helping you to improve the overall execution time of your tests.



NgAdminGeneratorBundle is a Symfony bundle aiming to bootstrap an ng-admin configuration file, using all your Doctrine entities.


Gremlins.js is a monkey testing library written in JavaScript, for Node.js and the browser. Use it to check the robustness of web applications by unleashing a horde of undisciplined gremlins.



MicroRest is a Silex provider to setting up a REST API on top of a relational database, based on a YAML (RAML) configuration file.


FakeRest intercepts AJAX calls to fake a REST server based on JSON data. Use it on top of Sinon.js (for XMLHTTPRequest) or fetch-mock (for fetch) to test JavaScript REST clients on the browser side (e.g. single page apps) without a server.


restful.js is a pure JS client for interacting with server-side RESTful resources. Think Restangular without Angular.


ng-admin-09 from Francois Zaninotto on Vimeo.

Plug ng-admin to your RESTFul API to get a complete administration interface (datagrid, filters, complex form widgets, multi-model relationships, dashboard) in no time! Beyond simple CRUD, ng-admin lets you build sophisticated GUIs without getting in your way.

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