Admin-on-rest 1.4: Winter Changes

Gildas Garcia
Gildas GarciaFebruary 14, 2018

Since the release of admin-on-rest 1.3 five months ago, we've published 4 bugfix releases (1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3 and 1.3.4). Today, we are pleased to announce that admin-on-rest, the React admin GUI for REST APIs, just had a new minor version: 1.4.0 is here! Read on to discover what's new in this release.

A Couple New Features

One of our contributors, (afilp), contributed a new feature allowing to pass an options prop to the DisabledInput component, making it consistent with all the others.

Moreover, we rewrote the default layout to avoid some issues with dynamic children. This may break existing custom apps, which were relying on undocumented components. The fix is simple, though. If you use a custom layout, replace:




That small breaking change justifies that this version is not called 1.3.5.

19 Bug Fixes

The marmelab team, helped by many contributors, invested a lot of time into fixing the remaining issues. Version 1.4 fixes a lot of bugs, including a few long-standing issues. Thanks a lot to all the contributors who made this release possible!

  • Fix validation custom messages so that those without translation don't add warnings (djhi)
  • Fix children are filtered when mapping on them (djhi)
  • Fix redirection to correct page after Delete (alexisjanvier)
  • Fix warnings in React 16 (djhi)
  • Fix Edit view refresh does not cancel changes (djhi)
  • Fix form default values can't be changed once mounted (djhi)
  • Fix link color in reference field (djhi)
  • Fix and cleanup example app code (djhi)
  • Fix default value for filter when source is a path with dot (djhi)
  • Fix WithPermissionsFilteredChildren should not put regular children in state (djhi)
  • Fix SimpleShowLayout should handle null children (afilp)
  • Fix Handle element cannot be fetched error (alexisjanvier)
  • Fix List default pagination to avoid displaying NaN (afilp)
  • Fix SelectArrayInput (djhi)
  • Fix setState typo in SelectArrayInput (natrim)
  • Fix example validation (alauper)
  • Fix outdated RefreshButton usage (alexisjanvier)
  • Fix custom routes handling (djhi)
  • Fix typo in example (clementtalleu)

Many More Features To Come

We've implemented many more features during the last months, but based on the next branch, which was heavilty refactored to de-emphasize REST over GraphQL (as explained in the previous post, to upgrade material-ui to 1.0, and to split the code into independent and reusable packages.

The next version of admin-on-rest will bring another big change: we are making possible to use it with another UI library. Thanks to the render prop pattern, you will soon be able to use your favorite UI Kit (Hello Bootstrap and Semantic UI) instead of material-ui!

That's why 1.4.0 is not a revolution. We keep the big surprises for the announcement of admin-on-rest 2.0, renamed react-admin for the occasion. Stay tuned to be the first to know about it!

In the meantime, if you like admin-on-rest, please speak about it at meetups, write blog posts, or hang out on StackOverflow to help newcomers!

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