Introducing React-Admin Enterprise Edition

François Zaninotto
François ZaninottoSeptember 02, 2020

I am proud to announce the immediate availability of our new Enterprise edition for react-admin. Read on to understand how it will help you reduce the costs of your admin development, and why it’s the key to a sustainable open-source core.

What's in the package ?

React-admin Enterprise Edition gives access to a set of additional packages for react-admin. These modules deal with tree structures, realtime updates, direct edition in the list, persistent preferences, complex relationships, and multi-level navigation.

Preferences Overview

Editable Datagrid Overview

And we have more in the works! You can see the details on the enterprise Edition page, and a live demo of some of the modules based on the e-commerce demo here.

React-Admin Enterprise Edition Demo

Private modules follow the same quality standards for code and documentation as the open-source packages - they're built by the react-admin core team!

The Enterprise Edition also includes support from experienced react and react-admin developers, who will help you to find the right information and troubleshoot your bugs more quickly.

Overall, companies subscribing to the Enterprise Edition can save weeks in development and debugging.

How Much Does It cost?

We've studied how much time companies spend on their admin. On average, the admin represents 25% of the developer time. React-admin already saves a significant portion of that time by providing foundations for CRUD views based on a REST or GraphQL API. Our ambition with React-Admin Enterprise Edition is to reduce that time even more, by addressing the most common needs of complex admins.

Additional packages are valid on an unlimited number of domains and projects. And we don't limit the number of tickets a developer can open on the Support service, either. The pricing depends on the number of JS developers who use react-admin in the team, starting at 125€/month for a team of 2 developers. See all the offers in the React-Admin Enterprise Edition page.

If you spend more than a few days per year on your admin, React-Admin Enterprise Edition will be a net gain in a matter of months.

Why React-Admin Needs An Enterprise Edition

Four years ago, we wrote React-admin to speed up the development of our own admin applications at Marmelab. We chose to release it with an MIT license, as our contribution to the open-source ecosystem. Since then, react-admin has become very popular. It helps thousands of developers worldwide, who download it 130K times per month.

react-admin downloads chart

But writing documentation, adding new features, and maintaining the codebase of such a successful project requires significant resources. Yet we want to continue to improve react-admin, and to create more value for the developer community. To do so, we need a way to generate revenue and fund a permanent core team.

React-Admin Enterprise Edition is our shot at making our open-source contribution sustainable.

Let me reiterate one thing: the react-admin you use and love is and will remain open-source. We want to continue to invest heavily in the open-source core, and the paid version is the key to achieve that. You can check the history of contributions on GitHub to see that, despite working on the Enterprise Edition, our effort on the Open-source core hasn't slowed down.

react-admin contributions chart

Give Us Your Feedback

React-Admin enterprise Edition has been 6 months in the making. We already collected positive feedback from early adopters, but we need more!

We chose the modules and the features of the Enterprise Edition based on the problems we've met most often on complex admins. We definitely need your input on the solutions we've designed, the problems you have that we don't address yet, and the type of additional service you'd expect from a software editor. Please visit ; feel free to post your comments below, or to email us at about this.

We're super excited to release the Enterprise Edition today, and to progress towards open-source sustainability.

Thank you again for being part of our community, and for spreading the word about react-admin. We hope to see you soon on the React-Admin Enterprise Edition customer list!

React-admin Enterprise Edition landing page

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