Introducing Atomic CRM, A New React-Admin Demo

François Zaninotto

We learn a lot by seeing how other developers work. React-admin, our web framework for B2B applications, is no exception: the available examples (blog, e-commerce) provide great learning material.

You've asked for more demos of how to use react-admin to implement custom functionality. So we've built Atomic CRM: a complete CRM app allowing to manage contacts, companies, deals, notes, tasks, and tags:

Atomic CRM is an example of a customer-facing app built with react-admin. We have given it as much care as a real application. It supports reads and writes. Feel free to click everywhere - the data is local to your computer and resets each time you reload the page.

Check out the Atomic CRM source to understand how we implemented the following features:

This demo will continue to live and help us experiment with the latest react-admin features. Make sure you revisit it regularly!

Hire Us for Your Next Project!

It took us about two weeks to build this custom CRM app with react-admin, from scratch. If you want to develop a new B2B app, contact us - we've got the tools and expertise to get you up and running in no time.

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