React-admin Reached 20,000 Stars On GitHub

François ZaninottoCaroline Schneider

This week, react-admin has reached 20,000 stars on GitHub. We wanted to celebrate it, so we made a video.

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React-admin is a frontend Framework for building B2B applications running in the browser on top of REST/GraphQL APIs. We built it and open-sourced it 6 years ago, and we've kept improving it ever since.

20,000 stars on GitHub is quite an achievement. As you can guess, we're proud and honored to receive such consideration from the developer community. But we're even prouder to have built a sustainable open-source project!

Open-source at its core, react-admin also has an Enterprise Edition, with customer support and additional modules. This "open core" business model allows funding continuous development on both the open-source and enterprise versions.

Basically, we're paid to do what we love. This is a dream come true.

And thanks to the contribution of hundreds of developers across the world, react-admin addresses numerous corner cases and adapts to most enterprise needs. Thanks a million to all the people who've been supporting us since 2016!

Together, we'll go much, much further. Next step: 30,000 stars?

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