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Join our Discord server to get fresh updates about our open-source project React-admin and get support from the community!

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The Importance Of A Strong Community

The react-admin community is strong:

  • The documentation website has 50k visitors per month
  • About 3,000 new apps launch every month using react-admin
  • React-admin has 20,000+ stars on GitHub

We're a community-focused project. So we need to have a place to interact with the community and to let community members interact with each other.

The react-admin community currently lives on GitHub, StackOverflow, and Twitter.

The first two channels work quite well:

  • 8,200 issues on GitHub, 99% of which are solved
  • 1,700 questions on StackOverflow, more than half of which are answered

As for Twitter, the @ReactAdmin account never really took off (only 775 followers so far), and the activity is quite low.

So we need a new channel to interact with the community, especially for short-lived, near-realtime discussions.

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Why Discord Is The Perfect Fit

If you're a developer, you probably already have a chat window currently open (often one of Slack, Teams, and Discord) to discuss with your co-workers and/or your product owner.

If you use React and React libraries, you probably already have a Discord account to get support from the community, since many open-source projects offer a Discord server. For instance, Remix, react-hook-form, react-query and react-table all have a Discord server.

Finally, some general-purpose Tech communities gather thousands of developers (like Reactiflux) and make Discord the de facto standard for talking to other developers in the React world.

So when we decided to create a chat server for the react-admin community, we naturally chose Discord.

Why It Took Us So Long

We've been thinking about creating a Discord server for a long time. But so far, we've always dismissed the idea.

That's because we didn't want to create a new channel that would fragment the community. We also didn't want to create false expectations, since we don't have the resources to provide free support on Discord. Finally, a Discord channel only gets appealing once it has a critical mass of users - otherwise, it's usually deceptive, because most of the time, there's no one to talk to.

Today, we're choosing to create a Discord server. We're doing it because:

  1. An unofficial discord channel has already been created by the community (thanks @Xblade!), and with already 150 members, it's not an empty space.
  2. The general Twitter trend is downward, and the signal vs. noise ratio is getting worse every month on that platform.

What You Can Expect From The React-Admin Discord Server

The react-admin Discord server is a safe place where you can ask questions about our product, show how you use our tools, and help each other out. It's the perfect place to better understand a specific feature, find the right component for a use case, and troubleshoot errors in your code.

On top of that, we’ll be sharing announcements and useful information about releases.

Our goals with this server are:

  • To be an efficient source of help in using our product
  • To be a central place where you can share your feedback and experiences

As stated above, it is not, however, a way to get free support from the core team. The core team members will hang out from time to time, with no obligation to reply. We'll continue to focus our time on GitHub, as it's the most useful for the community. If you need help from the core team, the best place to go is React-Admin Enterprise Edition.

Join The React-Admin Discord Server

Please come by and say hi! We're looking forward to seeing you there.

See you over on our Discord channel!

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