Introducing Acme Refrigerator HelpDesk, A New React-Admin Demo

François Zaninotto
François ZaninottoFebruary 23, 2023

We've built Acme Refrigerator HelpDesk, a complete help desk single-page application allowing to manage tickets, customers, and products. It's a great example of a real-world application built with React and react-admin.

The best part? Its source code is available on GitHub.

Reading the code of real-world applications is the best way to learn. This app will help you to get up to speed with react and react-admin. The source shows how to implement the following features:

The data for this demo is generated at runtime in the browser. If you want to try and rebuild the app from scratch, you can use the data-generator-helpdesk package to generate realistic data.

This demo will continue to live and help us experiment with the latest react-admin features. Make sure you revisit it regularly!

And if you're looking for more examples, check out the react-admin demos page, featuring:

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