Build Type-Safe SQL Queries With Kysely

From database to query results, the Kysely query builder embraces strong typing with TypeScript.

Guillaume Pierson
Guillaume PiersonFebruary 14, 2024
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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, Guillaume was initially a Java guy. Fan of anime and video games, he can develop an AI that beats you every time.

The View Transition API: A New Way to Animate Page Transitions

A new, experimental API has landed on chromium-based browsers. It allows us to have better control of the transition between two pages.

Guillaume Pierson
Guillaume PiersonDecember 21, 2023

The current state of WASI in containers space

WASI takes more and more place in containers, but can we use it?

Guillaume Pierson
Guillaume PiersonSeptember 06, 2023

Using AI To Pilot A Racing Car With The Voice

We built a handless game with TensorFlow and JavaScript to learn how to integrate AI into web applications.

Guillaume Pierson
Guillaume PiersonMarch 23, 2023

EdgeDB, A New Competitor In The Database Area

How EgdeDb differs from other databases, does it compete, does it works? Let's check this.

Guillaume Pierson
Guillaume PiersonJanuary 19, 2023

De la programmation orientée objet à la programmation fonctionnelle

Lors de mon intégration, venant du monde de Java, j'ai dû apprendre à utiliser des concepts de la programmation fonctionnelle.

Guillaume Pierson
Guillaume PiersonJune 20, 2022