Why marmelab?

You will learn more than you ever did.

No matter where you come from, you will have the opportunity to grow every day and to push your limits, within a team of passionate people eager to help you at all times.

You will be working on awesome products: the ones that our customers imagine to shake things up using digital innovation.



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Life at Marmelab

Who will you work with? Are they mean? Are they going to eat you? We can't lie about that, because the answer is on Internet.


We choose our projects carefully. We love when customers come with an idea full of risks and uncertainties. That's where we make the best of our expertise and work methods. Between two innovation projects opportunities, we choose the one that can make the world a better place.

The customer uncertainties can be technical, related to a new usage or a new business model. We use technology to lift these uncertainties through iterative experimentation, Lean Startup style. The byproduct is a web or mobile app, proven valuable by end user usage metrics.


A dedicated team of Marmelab developers has rebuilt the Arte Replay frontend from scratch and still maintains it, using full-stack JS technologies like React.js, Node.js, and GraphQL.
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Amnesty International

How to leverage mobile devices to help save lives? AIF had the intuition that they could engage new supporters to send an email, in their name, to the authorities responsible for human rights violations.
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React Admin

We've developed countless administration panels over the years. Based on what we learned in the process, we built a generic admin framework for the web, using react, redux, and material ui
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Hack days

2 days off every month to learn and experiment


Several conferences every year, as attendee or speaker

The laptop you like

Pick the tools you want to work with every day

Open Source

We lead or contribute to many open source projects

Competitive Salary

We pay well because that's what your talent is worth


Seasoned architects mentor you to technical excellence

Home Office

Our office in Nancy, your home office: you choose.

Our recruitment process

Say Hello

Send us your resume and motivations by email, or come and see us at 4 rue Girardet in Nancy.

Get an interview

Meet our CEO during a long interview. He'll assess your skills, values, and motivation.

Meet the team

You're going to work with a team. We want to make sure you get along well, so we'll invite you to share a coffee or a beer with the entire team.
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Agile Onboarding

You'll have 5 weeks to ramp up with our tech and process stack. We'll prepare 5 tech challenges for you to learn by experimentation.

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