React-admin Enterprise Edition, Now In V4

François Zaninotto
François ZaninottoJune 07, 2022

React-Admin Enterprise Edition is a layer on top of React-admin that provides enterprise features and support to paying customers. Hundreds of happy customers have been using it for two years now, reducing the time-to-market and development cost of their applications.

Until today, subscribers to the Enterprise Edition were not able to upgrade to react-admin v4, as the private modules were not compatible with this new version. Today, the react-admin team has just released a new version of these private modules, compatible with react-admin v4.


This concerns the following modules:

  • ra-rbac: Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) primitives for fine-grained permissions
  • ra-editable-datagrid: Edit data directly in the list view, for better productivity. Excel-like editing experience.
  • ra-form-layout: New form layouts for complex data entry tasks (accordion, wizard, edit in dialog, etc.)
  • ra-navigation: Multi-level menu and breadcrumb, with the ability to define a custom path for your resources
  • ra-relationships: Visualize and edit complex relationships, including many-to-many relationships
  • ra-realtime: Display live notifications, auto-update content on the screen, lock content when editing, with adapters for real-time backends
  • ra-calendar: Display and manipulate events, drag and resize appointments, and browse a calendar directly in react-admin apps
  • ra-audit-log: Record and visualize admin actions for better traceability
  • ra-search: Plug your search engine and let users search across all resources via a smart Omnisearch box
  • ra-tree: Edit and visualize tree structures. Reorganize by drag and drop. Adapts to any data structure on the backend (parent_id, children, nested sets, etc).
  • ra-enterprise: Alternative ready-to-use components for the react-admin enterprise edition. Use them to replace the open-source components you are familiar with such as the <Admin> or the <Layout>.
  • ra-tour: Guided tours for react-admin applications, step-by-step instructions, MUI skin
  • ra-markdown: Read Markdown data, and edit it using a WYSIWYG editor in your admin

The ra-preferences module has not been released for react-admin v4, as most of its features are now part of the open-source edition of react-admin, in the Store.

As we built react-admin v4 for easier extension, the developer experience of the private modules got an upgrade, too. Less boilerplate, more customization, and more room for future features: this new version of the Enterprise Edition gives yet another boost to developer productivity.

Version 4 is a major release, so we included some breaking changes in the private modules. The main motivation was to keep the private modules API in sync with the open-source API (e.g. renaming loading to isLoading). This means that if you have an existing codebase using the Enterprise Edition modules, you'll have to spend some time upgrading it. Each private module has a dedicated changelog for the 4.0 version, explaining the upgrade path. For instance: ra-calendar changelog.

If you've built a new app based on react-admin v4, integrating private modules will be a breeze.

We're in the process of documenting the private modules directly in the react-admin documentation. In the meantime, head to the Enterprise Edition documentation for guidance about installation, usage, and troubleshooting.

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