Synchronize Backend and Frontend Types With tRPC

Experience seamless type synchronization across the stack with tRPC, freeing developers from tedious manual typing tasks.

Thibault Barrat
Thibault Barrat04 avril 2024

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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, Thibault also manages a local currency called "Le Florain", used by dozens of French shops around Nancy to encourage local exchanges.

Displaying Test Screenshots in GitHub Actions

Build a CI workflow (GitHub or GitLab) to turn the screenshots taken after an e2e test failure (Cypress, Playwright) into CI artifacts.

Anthony RimetThibault Barrat
Anthony Rimet & Thibault Barrat20 novembre 2023

Can You Fall In Love With An AI?

In the movie "Her", the hero falls in love with an AI. This is no longer science fiction: I managed to recreate the voice chat experience.

Thibault Barrat
Thibault Barrat19 octobre 2023

What Is The Carbon Footprint Of Data Centers?

My key takeaways about an academic conference held last month at Loria, where I learned about the carbon footprint of data centers and its impact.

Thibault Barrat
Thibault Barrat12 avril 2023

Are No-Code Tools A Good Choice For Developers?

Developers often use low-code tools like react-admin to increase their development speed. But what about no-code tools? How far can they get and are they nice to use?

Thibault Barrat
Thibault Barrat17 février 2023

Securely Managing Database Secrets With Vault

In this post, I will show how to setup the root and user credentials for a Postgres database in a truly secure way, leveraging a secret management system.

Thibault Barrat
Thibault Barrat05 janvier 2023

IA: Comment se faire battre par sa propre création

Pendant mon intégration chez Marmelab, j'ai développé un algorithme pour jouer à Abalone. Il est (vraiment) imbattable.

Thibault Barrat
Thibault Barrat02 septembre 2022