Optical Character Recognition on Handwritten Documents

What is the state of the art in OCR of handwritten historical documents? We tested Open Source libraries and Cloud-based solutions, met researchers in the domain, and learned a lot in the process.

Jonathan ARNAULT
Jonathan ARNAULTDecember 11, 2023
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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, Jonathan likes to cook and do photography on his spare time.

User-Centric Testing using React Testing Library

Learn how to use Vitest and React Testing Library to write unit and integration tests for a Search Component.

Jonathan ARNAULT
Jonathan ARNAULTMay 26, 2023

Building A Graphical User Interface in the Terminal using Go

For my onboarding at Marmelab, I built the Labyrinth game with a command line interface using Go and GOCUI.

Jonathan ARNAULT
Jonathan ARNAULTMarch 13, 2023