Building A Chat Application Using SvelteJS and SSE

What's better than vanillaJS? Maybe SvelteJS, especially to add high-level features to your web pages!

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonOctober 02, 2020
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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, Julien loves to try and use new exotic programming languages. Proficient with Symfony, Node.js, and React, he manages to keep a quiet temper even when the web is on fire.

Building A Web Application In 15 Minutes Using StrapiJS And NextJS

Hands-on with StrapiJS, an Headless CMS that allows to separate data and display.

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonJune 18, 2020

Programming A Space Invader In OCaml and OpenGL: Lessons Learned

After a first experience with ReasonML, I wanted to check if its parent language, OCaml, was also that good. It took me an entire game to form a clear opinion.

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonFebruary 21, 2020

Mocking an API with Polly.js

It is never easy to set up functional tests involving calls to an external API. Polly.js is a useful tool to know when you need to mock calls to an API.

Alexis JanvierMaxime RichardJulien Demangeon

Build Your Own Design System With StencilJS

Design Systems are an increasingly common practice in web development. Let's study how to do ours with StencilJS

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonDecember 06, 2019

Using Firebase for Backend-as-a-Service: Pros and Cons

On a short project, we decided to use Firebase, a Rapid Application Development service, to save time. Was it a good choice?

Julien DemangeonAlexis Janvier

CouchDB, The Open-Source Cloud Firestore Alternative?

How to develop an offline-first, real time React app using a NoSQL database, in practice.

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonSeptember 25, 2019

Build Augmented Reality Applications With React-Native

Do you need to do native development to get native AR performance on mobile?

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonApril 25, 2019

Get Rid Of Toxic Bugs On Your Apps With Detox!

End-to-end tests are common in the browser land, much less for native apps. A good solution is Detox, a gray box E2E testing framework for mobile apps.

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonJune 05, 2018

Enjoy Painless Typing With ReasonML!

ReasonML is one of the hypest language of the moment, and in my opinion, it's for good reasons. Let's discover this language together.

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonApril 09, 2018

Let's cook some Crystal!

In the jungle of new programming languages, Crystal is one of the most popular ones, but also the most mysterious. Let's take a look at it.

Julien Demangeon
Julien DemangeonDecember 14, 2017

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