Load Testing Node.js App with Flood.io

We tried a new product that helped us load test an app before a critical event in production. This post explains how we did and how flood.io helped us.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerSeptember 17, 2019
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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, Kevin also shows impressive sysadmin skills, and a passion for obscure cryptocurrencies. Oh, and don't challenge him at fussbal, unless you're a champion.

Releasing Comfygure 1.0

Two years after the initial release, we're finally publishing a stable version of comfygure! Read on to see what's new in our open-source configuration storage.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerMay 28, 2019

HTTPS In Development: A Practical Guide

Why and how to setup HTTPS certificates, with or without reverse proxy, in a JavaScript development environment.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerJanuary 23, 2019

Devfest Nantes 2018: Retour sur la première conférence tech de la saison

Marmelab a rejoint Palo IT à l'autre bout de la France pour découvrir la conférence Devfest. Découvrez notre sélection des sessions les plus marquantes.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerOctober 22, 2018

Hacktoberfest 2018: Come Contribute To OSS With Us!

Like every year, Marmelab is joining the Hacktoberfest. Come with us to celebrate open-source software and try to win a nice t-shirt.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerOctober 01, 2018

Site Reliability Engineering: Google's Secret Sauce For High Availability And Happy Ops

Developers have a lot to learn from the book "Site Reliability Engineering - How Google Runs Production Systems", starting with time management and blameless retrospectives.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerMay 24, 2018

Finding And Fixing Node.js Memory Leaks: A Practical Guide

An introduction to memory debugging, from identifying causes to fixing leaks, using Chrome DevTools, and illustrated by simple examples

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerApril 03, 2018

Configurable Artifacts: Deploy Code Like a Pro

Configurable artifacts are a deployment method used to ship code to various environments in a single build. Read on to learn how to better automate your deployment.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerJanuary 22, 2018

Introducing Comfygure, A Configuration Manager For Easy Deployments

Store and deploy settings across development, test, and production environments, using an encrypted key-value store.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerNovember 07, 2017

Minutes of React Europe 2017

We just came back from the React Europe Paris conference, a huge event where we saw the React ecosystem shaping of future of web and mobile development. Read on to see what we learned, loved, and laughed at.

Kévin MaschtalerFrançois Zaninotto

GitHub Oauth Authentication for SPA Without Server

You don't need a server with a 100% uptime just to use the GitHub authentication. Here is a cheap and easy solution using AWS Lambda.

Kévin Maschtaler
Kévin MaschtalerApril 24, 2017

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