How to Run React-Admin On Next.Js

React-admin is designed for single-page-apps, but can also run with an SSR framework like Next.js

Anibal SvarcasAdrien Amoros
Anibal Svarcas & Adrien AmorosFebruary 02, 2022
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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, Adrien is a Software Engineer with a strong taste for agile project management. He's also a judoka! He has only one goal: discover Irene's identity.

Become a {javascript} ninja with Ninja Coder

Recruiters ask everywhere for Ninja developers. We've built the perfect IDE for such developers, using Machine Learning and Pose detection.

Guillaume BilleyAdrien Amoros

Plugging React-Admin To Google Sheets

React-admin pretends it can connect to any backend using a custom data provider. I decided to challenge this statement. How far did I go?

Adrien Amoros
Adrien AmorosNovember 05, 2020

Changing The Look And Feel Of React-Admin Without JSX

Learn how to customize the theme of a react-admin application without rewriting everything

Adrien Amoros
Adrien AmorosSeptember 11, 2020

Au secours, mon poste ne démarre plus !

On connaît tous ce collègue qui, un matin, s'est retrouvé face à un écran noir. La plupart du temps, il suffit d'appeler le service support de l'entreprise. Mais chez nous, chaque dévelopeur est responsable de sa machine. Voilà comment nous gérons ça.

Adrien Amoros
Adrien AmorosNovember 21, 2019

What Can React Developers Learn From The Vue.Js Ecosystem?

For the first time, marmelab developers attended the European VueJs conference. Read on to discover what we learned!

Adrien AmorosJulien Mattiussi

How To Improve Postgres Performance: Our Tips and Tricks

We recently had to investigate and optimize a large PostgreSQL database. Here is a what we did to remove the bottlenecks.

Adrien AmorosJulien Mattiussi
Adrien Amoros & Julien MattiussiFebruary 13, 2019

How to Create a Carousel and a Wizard Form With React and CSS-in-JS

A wizard form is like a carousel: it's a series of slides. Implementing it in React is a great way to learn about state, transitions, and CSS-in-JS.

Adrien AmorosMaxime RichardFrançois Zaninotto

Le jeu du Taquin en React et React Native

Compte-rendu des quatrième et cinquième semaines de mon intégration chez Marmelab, au cours desquelles j'ai développé une application et un client web en React

Adrien Amoros
Adrien AmorosFebruary 07, 2018

Le jeu du Taquin en php (framework Symfony)

Compte rendu de ma troisième semaine d'intégration chez Marmelab : développement d'un client web en php (framework Symfony), basé sur l'api 15 puzzle

Adrien Amoros
Adrien AmorosJanuary 08, 2018

Minutes of DotJS 2017

We attended the DotJS 2017 conference in Paris. We saw several awesome talks worth watching. Read on for details!

Gildas GarciaAdrien Amoros
Gildas Garcia & Adrien AmorosDecember 11, 2017

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