Behold the Power of Laziness With Functional Programming

To finish the exploration of functional programming with the Checkoid internals, let's combine a synchronous Validator with asynchronous one with a lazy Promise... that is also a Monad.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelJune 23, 2021
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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, loves functional programming and JavaScript.

Comment contrôler le temps dans un container Docker

Pour stabiliser des tests dépendant de la date, on peut changer la date d'un container. Mais est-ce que ce pouvoir n'est pas trop dangereux ?

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelApril 15, 2021

Validator assemble! Functors in Action

In this new functional programming tutorial, I'll explain how Functors can help us assemble validator functions to validate complex data structures like objects.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelFebruary 12, 2021

The True Power Of Monoids: How To Combine Validators

Come and see monoids in real-life, in this tutorial explaining how to combine validator functions like lego pieces.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelJanuary 21, 2021

Introducing Checkoid, An Input Validation Library Built With Composition In Mind

We've built a simple and powerful validation library that allows to combine validator like lego pieces.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelNovember 13, 2020

Into The Labyrinth With x3dom

What if you could create a 3D Labyrinth game with only HTML tags? That's the promise of x3dom, which I explore in practice in this tutorial

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelOctober 16, 2020

Getting The Ball Rolling With DeviceMotion

There are two relatively new APIs in the browser: DeviceMotion and DeviceOrientation. Let's see how to use them to detect the device motion and orientation.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelFebruary 05, 2020

Créer son propre loader Webpack

Webpack permet d'ajouter des étapes supplémentaires au processus de compilation des projets JS. C'est plus difficile quand le projet utilise `create-react-app`. Voici la solution.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelAugust 27, 2019

Functional Programming in JavaScript, Part 4: The Art of Chaining Different Monads

It is a bad practice to chain one monad with a monad of another type. Read on to understand why, and how to chain monads the right way.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelMarch 20, 2019

Functional Programming in JavaScript, Part 3: Introduction to Functors and Monads

`Functors` and `Monads` may sound frightening, they are powerful concepts that can help developers on a day-to-day basis.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelSeptember 26, 2018

Functional Programming in JavaScript, Part 2: The Monoid

What do number addition, string concatenation, array concatenation, and function composition have in common? They are all monoids, and they have very interesting properties.

Thiery Michel
Thiery MichelApril 18, 2018

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