The <LocalesMenuButton> component, also known as the “language switcher”, displays a menu allowing users to select the language of the interface. It leverages the store so that their selection is persisted.


Tip: For most users, this component will be automatically added to react-admin’s <AppBar> if the i18nProvider is configured properly to return a list of available locales. React-admin will use the optional getLocales method of your i18nProvider (or the availableLocales parameter if you are using polyglotI18nProvider) to generate a list of locale menu items for this component.

For advanced users who wish to use the customized <AppBar> from Material UI package or place <LocalesMenuButton> elsewhere e.g. on a custom configuration page, they can do the following:

// in src/MyAppBar.js
import { LocalesMenuButton, TitlePortal } from 'react-admin';
import { AppBar, Toolbar } from '@mui/material';

export const MyAppBar = () => (
            <TitlePortal />
            <LocalesMenuButton />

Then, pass the custom App Bar in a custom <Layout>, and the <Layout> to your <Admin>:

// in src/App.js
import polyglotI18nProvider from 'ra-i18n-polyglot';
import englishMessages from 'ra-language-english';
import frenchMessages from 'ra-language-french';
import { Admin, Resource, Layout } from 'react-admin';

import { MyAppBar } from './MyAppBar';

const MyLayout = (props) => <Layout {...props} appBar={MyAppBar} />;

const i18nProvider = polyglotI18nProvider(
    locale => (locale === 'fr' ? frenchMessages : englishMessages),
    'en', // Default locale
    [{ locale: 'en', name: 'English' }, { locale: 'fr', name: 'Français' }]

const App = () => (


An array of objects ({ locale, name }) representing the key and the label of the languages available to end users. You can omit this prop if your i18nProvider has a getLocales function.

<LocalesMenuButton languages={[
    { locale: 'en', name: 'English' },
    { locale: 'fr', name: 'Français' },
]} />

The locale will be passed to setLocale when the user selects the language, and must be supported by the i18nProvider.


The <LocalesMenuButton> component accepts the usual className prop. You can also override many styles of the inner components thanks to the sx property (see the sx documentation for syntax and examples).

To override the style of all instances of <LocalesMenuButton> using the application-wide style overrides, use the RaLocalesMenuButton key.