Advanced Tutorials

This tutorial explains how to add a button on a show or edit page to create a new resource related to the one displayed.

This tutorial explains how to have a create, show or edit view of a referenced resource inside a modal or a sliding side panel.


Build a Timeline as a replacement for a List component

This tutorial shows how to use pure react to implement a custom component replacing react-admin default List.


Creating and Editing a Record From the List Page

This tutorial shows how to display Creation and Edition forms in a drawer or a dialog from the List page.


Add a User Profile Page

This tutorial explains how to create a profile page based on an <Edit> component, and accessible as a standalone page.


Supplying your own Defaults to React Admin

This article shows how you can customize many parts of the framework without repeating yourself.


OpenID Connect Authentication with React Admin

OpenID Connect on React Admin with a button "Login With Google"

Changing The Look And Feel Of React-Admin Without JSX

This article shows how to customize react-admin look and feel using only the Material UI theme.


Build A Custom Tags Selector

This tutorial explains how to create a custom component to select tags for a record, fetching the list of existing tags and allowing to create new tags on the fly.