The simplest of all fields, <TextField> simply displays the record property as plain text.

import { TextField } from 'react-admin';

<TextField source="name" />
// renders the record { id: 1234, name: 'John Doe' } as
// <span>John Doe</span>

<TextField> grabs the record from the current RecordContext, extracts the value of the source property, and displays it inside a Material UI <Typography> component.


Use <TextField> as descendent of:

  • a record detail component (<Show>, <Edit>),
  • a layout component for a list of records (<Datagrid>, <SimpleList>, <SingleFieldList>)
  • a RecordContextProvider

For instance, to render the title and teaser of a post in a show view:

import { Show, SimpleShowLayout, TextField } from 'react-admin';

export const PostShow = () => (
            <TextField source="title" />
            <TextField source="teaser" />

<TextField> requires a source prop to specify which property of the record is rendered. It can be a deep source (e.g. “author.name”).

It also accepts common field props such as the sx prop to override its style.

Additional props are passed down to the underlying Material UI <Typography> component.

Displaying Values From More Than One Source

If you want to display data from more than one field, check out the <FunctionField>, which accepts a render function:

import { FunctionField } from 'react-admin';

    render={record => `${record.first_name} ${record.last_name}`}