Interview : LODEX, un outil open-source au service de la recherche

Comment se passe le un projet de développement web avec Marmelab ? Nous avons interviewé Camille de Salabert et Nicolas Thouvenin de l'Inist CNRS pour en savoir plus sur leur expérience.

Caroline SchneiderJérémie GrosseteteLire

Derniers articles par Caroline Schneider

Etudiante en Marketing, Caroline est allemande. Elle travaille à mieux faire connaitre les produits édités par Marmelab, GreenFrame et react-admin.

How Marmelab Transformed Accor's IT Architecture to Boost Revenue and Customer Experience

The largest hotel group in Europe approached us to assist in resolving delivery and performance issues with their mobile app development.

Caroline Schneider
Caroline Schneider03 août 2023

Reducing Our Impact: Marmelab's Pursuit of a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Our agency emits 2.2tCO2e per employee per year, less that half of the sector average. And we're actively working to reduce our carbon footprint.

Caroline Schneider
Caroline Schneider06 avril 2023

How Marmelab Helped iad Boost Transparency and Recruitment with Customizable Income Prediction Tool

IAD disrupts traditional real estate by fostering independent consultants and enhancing their experience with a Marmelab-created revenue simulator.

Caroline Schneider
Caroline Schneider14 mars 2023

Niji & GreenFrame, exemple d'un partenariat réussi

Niji a sponsorisé le support de Kubernetes dans GreenFrame, notre outil d'analyse de l'empreinte carbone des sites web.

Caroline SchneiderFrançois Zaninotto

React-admin, Now On Discord

The new place to discuss react-admin, ask questions, and get help.

Caroline SchneiderFrançois Zaninotto

How Caritas Uses React-Admin To Accelerate Their Intranet Development

Interview of Alex, head of web dev at Caritas, and Cornelius, PO.

Caroline Schneider
Caroline Schneider07 juillet 2022

React-admin Reached 20,000 Stars On GitHub

We've managed to build a sustainable open-source project! This is a dream come true.

François ZaninottoCaroline Schneider

Digital Carbon Footprint: The Current State of Measuring Tools

Benchmarking the CO2 emissions estimated by GreenIT Analysis, Website Carbon, Digital Beacon, GreenFrame, Ecograder, and PageSpeed Insight on the same website,

Caroline SchneiderFrançois Zaninotto

Media Websites: 70% of the Carbon Footprint Caused by Ads and Stats

Website editors, here is a tool and guide to reduce your environmental impact

Caroline SchneiderClément Le Biez

Decarbonization In The Media Industry: GreenFrame Helps France.TV To Reduce Its Digital Emissions

GreenFame, the carbon leak detector for websites, is now being used to tackle the new challenges caused by the transformation in the media industry.

Caroline Schneider
Caroline Schneider13 janvier 2022