Displays a boolean value as a check.

import { BooleanField } from 'react-admin';

<BooleanField source="commentable" />



Prop Required Type Default Description
valueLabelTrue Optional string ‘true’ Aria label for the truthy value
valueLabelFalse Optional string ‘false’ Aria label for the falsy value
TrueIcon Optional SvgIconComponent or null @mui/icons-material/Done Icon to show for the truthy value
FalseIcon Optional SvgIconComponent or null @mui/icons-material/Clear Icon to show for the falsy value
looseValue Optional boolean false If true the field’s value is not evaluated strictly as a boolean

<BooleanField> also accepts the common field props.


The <BooleanField> component accepts the usual className prop. You can also override many styles of the inner components thanks to the sx property (see the sx documentation for syntax and examples).

To override the style of all instances of <BooleanField> using the application-wide style overrides, use the RaBooleanField key.


The <BooleanField> includes a tooltip text for accessibility (or to query in “end to end” tests). By default, it is the translated value (‘true’ or ‘false’ in English).

If you need to override it, you can use the valueLabelTrue and valueLabelFalse props, which both accept a string. These strings may be translation keys:

// English labels
<BooleanField source="published" valueLabelTrue="Has been published" valueLabelFalse="Has not been published yet" />

// Translation keys
<BooleanField source="published" valueLabelTrue="myapp.published.true" valueLabelFalse="myapp.published.false" />

TrueIcon and FalseIcon

You can customize the icons to show by setting the TrueIcon and FalseIcon props which accept a SvgIcon type.

import AlarmOnIcon from '@mui/icons-material/AlarmOn';
import AlarmOffIcon from '@mui/icons-material/AlarmOff';

<BooleanField source="alarm" TrueIcon={AlarmOnIcon} FalseIcon={AlarmOffIcon} />

Tip: You can also use null to hide one of the icons.

import AlarmOnIcon from '@mui/icons-material/AlarmOn';

<BooleanField source="alarm" TrueIcon={AlarmOnIcon} FalseIcon={null} />