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Full-stack web developer at marmelab - Node.js, React, Angular, Symfony, Go, Arduino, Docker. Can fit a huge number of puns into a single sentence.

DotAI 2018: Machine Learning for Humans

I attended a few weeks ago my first conference about machine learning. As a developer with almost no experience in this field, I learned a lot without getting lost in the mathematical meanders associated with this topic. Here is my feedback.

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasJuly 12, 2018

"Confessions of a Public Speaker", a Fun and Inspiring Guide for Giving Better Talks!

As a seasoned speaker, I decided to go one step further by reading feedbacks from professionals. Scott Berkun is one of them, and his book brought me to very precious and practical insights about how to thrill the crowds. Here is a book review of this must-read book.

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasApril 16, 2018

Using NVIDIA GPU within Docker Containers

Diving into machine learning requires some computation power, mainly brought by GPUs. Let's start our machine learning journey by configuring Docker to use NVIDIA GPU.

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasMarch 21, 2018

Convert An Image Into An ASCII Art Masterpiece With Pure JavaScript

This tutorial leverages the FileReader and Canvas APIs to demonstrate the browser image manipulation capabilities

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasFebruary 20, 2018

EventDrops, The Time Series Data Visualization, Gets a Major Performance Boost

After several months of hard work, we are pleased to release a new version (1.0) of EventDrops, the d3.js dataviz for time series. On the menu: blazing fast performances, simplified configuration, and healthier foundations for easier maintenance!

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasJanuary 26, 2018

Learning Jest Through Practice

Jest is a Javascript testing framework highlighting three main features: no configuration, improved performance, and easy mocking. Are they marketing promises, or reality? Let's verify it by testing Jest on a basic React project.

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasNovember 08, 2017

Internationalizing a React Application using Polyglot

Following an Internationalization tutorial is generally quite straightforward. But what about implementing it in a real-world application? Here is a tested solution using context and provider.

Jonathan Petitcolas

Conditional Babel Configuration: Introducing Babel env

After being stuck for a few hours because of some Babel configuration issues in an isomorphic app, we finally discovered the Babel `env` property. It allows to apply some sort of conditional configuration, depending on a given environment variable.

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasApril 06, 2017

Taking Picture From Webcam Using Canvas

Taking a picture from a browser using the webcam is not trivial as it may seem. It requires a low supported API and some canvas manipulation. Here is the missing how-to.

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasFebruary 15, 2017

Npm (or Yarn) Install within a Docker Container, the Right Way

Docker is awesome. Yet, it brings some common pitfalls, especially when you need to handle file permissions correctly, or need to use SSH. Here are some solutions to counter these issues.

Jonathan Petitcolas
Jonathan PetitcolasFebruary 08, 2017

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