useShowContext grabs the data computed by useShowController when inside a <Show> or a <ShowBase> component.


You can use useShowContext inside show components to access the data computed by the controller.

import { useShowContext, SimpleShowLayout, Show } from 'react-admin';

const PostShowLayout = () => {
    const { defaultTitle, error, isPending } = useShowContext();

    if (isPending) {
        return <div>Loading...</div>;

    if (error) {
        return <div>Error!</div>;

    return (
                <TextField source="title" />

const PostShow = () => (
        <PostShowLayout />

Return Value

useShowContext returns an object with the same keys as useShowController:

const {
    defaultTitle, // Translated title based on the resource, e.g. 'Post #123'
    isPending, // Boolean, true until the record is available
    isFetching, // Boolean, true while the record is being fetched, and false once done fetching
    isLoading, // Boolean, true until the record is fetched for the first time
    record, // Either the record fetched via dataProvider.getOne() based on the id from the location, a cached version of the record (see also the Caching documentation page) or undefined 
    refetch, // Callback to refetch the record via dataProvider.getOne()
    resource, // The resource name, deduced from the location. e.g. 'posts'
    error, // Error returned by dataProvider when it failed to fetch the record. Useful if you want to adapt the view instead of just showing a notification using the onError side effect.
} = useShowContext();


The useShowContext hook accepts a generic parameter for the record type:

import { Show, useShowContext } from 'react-admin';
import { Typography } from '@mui/material';

type Post = {
    id: number;
    title: string;
    updated_at: Date;

export const PostShow = () => (
    <Show aside={<Aside />}>
        // ...

const Aside = () => {
    const { record: post, isPending } = useShowContext<Post>();
    if (isPending) return null;
    return (
            <Typography variant="h6">Posts stats</Typography>
            <Typography variant="body2">
                {/* TypeScript knows that post is of type Post */}
                Last edition: {post.updated_at}

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