While most of the react-admin components come from the marmelab/react-admin repository, you can find more hooks and components for react-admin in other packages.

Enterprise Packages

React-admin Enterprise Edition provides additional packages:

  • @react-admin/ra-ai: Components powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost user productivity. Suggest completion for user inputs, fix and improve large chunks of text in React-Admin forms.
  • @react-admin/ra-audit-log: Keep track of user actions, and get an overview of the activity of your admin.
  • @react-admin/ra-calendar: Display and manipulate events, drag and resize appointments, and browse a calendar in react-admin apps.
  • @react-admin/ra-editable-datagrid: Enhance the features of react-admin’s <Datagrid> component, including an “edit-in-place” experience.
  • @react-admin/ra-enterprise: Preconfigured components replacing the default react-admin ones to quickly integrate the Enterprise Edition modules.
  • @react-admin/ra-form-layout: New form layouts for complex data entry tasks (accordion, wizard, autosave, etc.).
  • @react-admin/ra-json-schema-form: Build forms based on a JSON Schema description
  • @react-admin/ra-markdown: Markdown field and Input
  • @react-admin/ra-navigation: New page layouts, Menus layouts, Smart Breadcrumb, and hooks to handle the user location.
  • @react-admin/ra-relationships: A set of alternative inputs and fields to edit relationships, including many-to-many relationships using a join table.
  • @react-admin/ra-rbac: Role-Based Access Control for React-admin apps. This module extends the authProvider to manage roles and fine-grained permissions, and adds replacement for many react-admin components that use these permissions.
  • @react-admin/ra-realtime: Hooks and UI components for collaborative applications where several people work in parallel. It allows publishing and subscribing to real-time events, updating views when another user pushes a change, notifying end users of events, and preventing data loss when two editors work on the same resource concurrently.
  • @react-admin/ra-search: Plug your search engine and let users search across all resources via a smart Omnibox.
  • @react-admin/ra-tour: Guide users through tutorials to showcase and explain important features of your interfaces.
  • @react-admin/ra-tree: Tree hooks and components for react-admin. Allows to display, edit, and rearrange tree structures like directories, categories, etc.

Third-Party Packages

If you authored or know another package for react-admin, please open a pull request on the docs folder to add the package to this list.