The filter sidebar is not a form. Therefore, if your users need to enter complex filters, you’ll have to recreate a filter form using react-hook-form (see the Building a custom filter section below for an example). However, if you only need one text input with a filter-as-you-type behavior, you’ll find the <FilterLiveSearch> component convenient.

It outputs a form containing a single <SearchInput>, which modifies the page filter on change. That’s usually what users expect for a full-text filter. <FilterLiveSearch> only needs a source field.

So for instance, to add a search filter on the customer full name, add the following line to the Sidebar:

+import { FilterLiveSearch } from 'react-admin';

const FilterSidebar = () => (
+           <FilterLiveSearch source="full_name" />
            <LastVisitedFilter />
            <HasOrderedFilter />
            <HasNewsletterFilter />
            <SegmentFilter />