React Admin March 2024 Update

AG Grid, Versioning, Date inputs, improved providers, new themes, a new demo, Daisy UI, Cognito... and a YouTube channel!

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Full-stack web developer at marmelab, Gildas has a strong appetite for emerging technologies. If you want an informed opinion on a new library, ask him, he's probably used it on a real project already.

Using React-Admin With Your Favorite UI Library

The core of react-admin is UI-agnostic. This article explains how to build a react-admin application with Tailwind CSS and Daisy UI.

Gildas Garcia
Gildas GarciaNovember 28, 2023

React Admin October 2023 Update

What? Another super-long article about react-admin updates? But when am I supposed to read this?

Gildas Garcia
Gildas GarciaOctober 02, 2023

Porting React-Admin to Solid

Is Solid.js mature enough to build complex web apps? What are the core differences with React? To answer these questions, we developed solid-admin. Let's dive in!

Gildas Garcia
Gildas GarciaMay 11, 2023

React Admin March 2023 Update

DataProvider callbacks, Count components, OAuth support, Custom Resource routes, and many more new features to discover in the last 2 releases.

Gildas Garcia
Gildas GarciaMarch 01, 2023

Installing React-Admin In A Remix App

A step-by-step example explaining how to use React-Admin inside a Remix app, and how to configure it to use Supabase as the data provider.

Gildas GarciaJean-Baptiste Kaiser

A Brighter Future For The Web? Exploring Solid

The current web is not what Tim Berners-Lee expected it to become, and he wants to fix it. He came up with a solution called Solid. Is it usable yet? Let's find out!

Gildas Garcia
Gildas GarciaDecember 01, 2021

React Admin Enterprise Edition - September 2021 Update

In the past 6 months, the Enterprise Edition got 2 new private modules: ra-audit-log, and ra-rbac. ra-preferences now also features no-code components.

Gildas Garcia
Gildas GarciaSeptember 22, 2021

React Admin September 2021 Update

From 3.15 to 3.18, React-admin introduced tons of improvements, including a better sidebar, quick choice creation, and many List additions.

Gildas GarciaFrançois Zaninotto

FOSS interview : React-admin avec Gildas

Dans cette vidéo, Gildas nous parle du projet open-source React-admin

Alexis JanvierGildas Garcia

React Admin February 2021 Update

React-admin 3.10, 3.11 and 3.12 introduce tons of improvements, including server-side validation, keyboard navigation, and optimistic mutations

Gildas GarciaFrançois Zaninotto

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