This hook allows to read and write from the Store. Stored values are available globally and are persisted between page reloads.


import { useStore } from 'react-admin';

const [value, setValue] = useStore(key, defaultValue);

The key should be a string, and is used for local storage.

The store can contain values of any type (e.g. string, number, boolean, array, object), as long as they can be serialized with JSON.stringify().

The setValue function behaves like the one returned by useState, i.e. it accepts both a value or a value updater function.

// use setValue with a value
// use setValue with a value updater function
setValue(v => v + 1);

When one component calls setValue on a key, all the components that read the same key will update (including on other tabs).


import { List, Datagrid } from 'react-admin';

const PostList = () => {
    const [density] = useStore('posts.list.density', 'small');

    return (
            <Datagrid size={density}>

// anywhere else in the app
import { useStore } from 'react-admin';
import { Button } from '@mui/material';

const ChangeDensity = () => {
    const [density, setDensity] = useStore('posts.list.density', 'small');

    // Clicking on this button will trigger a rerender of the PostList
    const changeDensity = () => {
        setDensity(density === 'small' ? 'medium' : 'small');

    return (
        <Button onClick={changeDensity}>
            Change density (current {density})